Could you sleep here ?


Outdoor / Indoor festivals... © All rights reserved

Festival Flags .. pennants .. costumes .. all colors !

.. linked to flags in Another Link in the Chain group this is the parade of the Lords and Ladies .. attendants of the Court .. Bay Area Renaissance Festival .. Tampa FL USA .. SOOC


Sir Rainbow at Bay Area Renaissance Festival... awesome hat.. and the rest ! (c) All Rights Reserved


.. he was called The Rainbow Knight... .. very pleasant, quick-witted... .. we sat beside him (on his bench) to quench our thirst... © All Rights Reserved


just a bit .. © All Rights Reserved

Barrels for the Lady ?

Kegs for the Gents ? This vendor was tucked out of the way under a stand of shade trees... but the morning sun lit the colors of his tent ! © All rights reserved


RenFest 2009 in Tampa Bay FL US... .. interesting, very interesting.. this person saw us across the way; came to his doorway and did not move. You could feel his eyes ! .. best viewed on large

Primary . .

- colors of - red - blue - yellow - taken at Bay Area Renaissance Festival Tampa, Florida - with a Canon PowerShot A630 © All Rights Reserved Archive Airings AA-268-PRIMARY COLORS/RED/YELLOW/BLUE

In hiding..

do the wee folk hide in here.. or just the primary folk.... (c) All Rights Reserved

Hedgeman and benches....

Bay Area Renaissance Festival '09.. Tampa Bay area.. old trees with character.. character leaning against an old tree... filtered light.. benches for the weary..
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