Hedge Man...

at RenFest .. view on largest size possible ! © All rights reserved

These are what those signs are for . .

© All rights reserved

Mornin' !

.. greeted by the lovely Looney Lucy at RenFest (aka) Bay Area Renaissance Festival © All rights reserved

Ride a horse ?

He was called a 'War Horse'.. handsome fellow!

Walking RenFest..

souls of all descriptions and garb... 'tis a fine morning for a RenFest !

Signs at RenFest..

signs & tents....

Bay Aea Renaissance Festival, March '09.. Tampa Bay.. next to MOSI .. we ate Scotch eggs.. each chose a beverage .. had fish 'n chips .. ice cream... we are a sharin' bunch of folk ! © All rights reserved

What a Gentleman Driver !

'Steering the Turtle Shell House' amongst Bay Area Festival goers.. quite a task for this cuddly fellow! Love the rest of items --they evoked lots of whimsy - at least for me! Enjoy ! © All rights reserved ARCHIVE AIRINGS AA-309-IMAGINATION

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