Birds of Prey was a great show at RenFest ! Here, a sparrow hawk is held.. the gent gave quite a history on all the birds.. falcons and hawks.. their hunting habits, etc. All these birds of prey are fitted with bells on their feet, so when on a training excerise the bird and captured prey can be located by either the trainer of tracking dog. One of the best.. informative shows at RenFest! © All Rights Reserved

What a view !

.. from the blimp down to the RenFest grounds !


sword dance by the beautiful, skilled, gracious bellydancer.


swords.. as the tribal bellydancer does an exquisite backbend.

He left... #2

A lad.. #1

who quickly turned away when he saw the camera! © All rights reserved

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... "When you knew that it was over .."

- A Lyrical Connection .. "The Windmills of Your Mind" ..he came into the gypsy tent... ..turned ..and left Bay Area Renaissance Festival, Tampa, Florida (c) All Rights Reserved

Ooops ..

RenFest 2009 March .. Wasn't quick enough to escape being spotted ... So much for a candid of my Dear MJ in Florida .. Such memories at the Festival ! Archive Airings AA-313-MEMORIES

Everyone needs a drink . .

of water on a sunny day! The lass with the stein asked the guest if his dog would like a drink... she went and washed it out and returned with cooling water for the canine. Never know what you'll see at Bay Area Renaissaince Festival! © All rights reserved
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