Almost sunset -

2019 - December blue - pink - lavender - leafless branches - cold - planned on taking a shot of the full moon - in my book - that shot will wait until next year - after all - there are limits - y'all can just imagine - there is a moon in there someplace ~ “You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” ― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

-- same day

-- same place -- around 3:30 in the afternoon -- first days in -- November 2019 © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE --

Love ..

calling North Carolina Home photos taken all over the County - City Park to the grocery store and in between - Sharing my Corner of this World with y'all Colors in North Carolina 2019 © All Rights Reserved .. EXPLORE ..

.. a Season

Filtered sun - - beneath an old friend - who gives shade for so many days of the year - her green leaves are becoming 'Flowers of Fall' - both photo and words by: - Peggy C - 1 PiP - original --- Replacement photo - explanation under comments ----

.. really

.. there was a beautiful Hawk gliding above .. pulled over to get a shot .. well -- guess it wasn't to be .. another day perhaps

Every year -

- I wait for this row of trees to turn brilliant red - planted in a median of a divided city street - the best place to take a photo (and not get run over) - the parking lot across from them

- from the same area

- trees still shedding their colors - hope the people who walk along that walkway appreciate the beauty - cause they won't see it again until next year

Softness of the Season -

- seen in groupings outside the grocery store - these were the prettiest, soft looking ones - so, now - you also have them - Life is sharing - even the little things Have a wonderful weekend, My Friends .. From North Carolina US to wherever you may be ~ © All Rights Reserved

In the cool evening ..

A blue North Carolina Sky takes on hues of gray - Sunset colors streak overhead - And the Moon is in a world by itself - Only showing part of the surface - Letting us imagine what the rest looks like - Especially the 'Far Side of the Moon' - - 3 PiP - one in left corner of each photo - © All Rights Reserved - EXPLORE -
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