Dancing on the water ..


.. caretakers of this World .. guardians .. responsible humans .. our duties are to leave it .. better than we found it .. for our children .. our grandchildren .. and those who follow © All rights reserved

Shapes / Colors of Nature ..

Above .. At my feet - In the distance - The variety of beauty in my corner of this World - North Carolina USA There are 9 PiPs - Left corner of each photo - © All Rights Reserved

In between the rain -

Colors and shapes - Top Left - Red Dogwood Next to the right - Star of Bethlehem (waiting for the sunshine) Ms Dauntless Tall Bearded Iris (with raindrops) Top Right corner - North Carolina Wildfowers Bottom right - Tall Bearded Iris of White To her left - Clematis (Kardynal Wyszynski ) Bottom - white Dogwood Left bottom corner - Dauntless Iris Above the Iris - Clematis (Kardynal Wyszynski) with a guest - ** 1 note on that photo ** © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE--

.. it is

.. all around us .. the beauty of Nature .. in my yard on Mother's Day 2017 ** 1 note **

come ..

with The Dreamer in me .. into another world .. where you .. and I .. stop to enjoy .. a pebble on the ground .. clouds drifting overhead .. breezes through our hair .. oh, there is so much to see .. to do .. come .. we have no time to fritter away .. Earth is waiting ! (c) All Rights Reserved Peggy C 2015 - 1 note - original photo -


“Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"” -Robin Williams (American actor) Tall - do I stand - proud, yet humble - against a sky of soft blue - Nature is a giver - or red - green - blue - for all of us to enjoy - yet we must remember that we are not in charge - respect Nature - care for the beauties we have been given - leave this World a better place - than when we entered - Namaste, Peggy (c) All Rights Reserved

Peace ..

in a sky of blue - white Dogwood - strong green Fir tree - a feeling of strength, yet calm in the air - (c) All Rights Reserved www.standingwomen.net I shall stand in the beauty of this Garden - With the Feelings of my Sisters - In Oklahoma - In Mississippi - In North Carolina - In California - In Florida - In Montana - And for all the children of this world and the 7 generations to come.. please read the link and stand 'with' many others around this World.

.. reaching

this Dogwood tree is beside two very healthy ones - this one didn't have many bracts/leaves/or red berries - all have been treated the same - perhaps, as one neighbor said " they die and we don't know why" - even the Agriculture agent couldn't suggest anything else to do -- so, as there are signs of future growth amid what looks like it is going side-ways - we shall wait - (c) All Rights Reserved

Re-fueling ..

Hummingbird Clearwing, Hummingbird Moth (Hemaris thysbe) - jeffpippen.com/naturephotos/hemaris-thysbe.htm (c) All Rights Reserved ** 2 notes **

- on one side

of the street - the moon is rising - and on the other - the sun sets for another day - Life is Good - Breathe deeply - Enjoy the moment, my Friends - Namaste, Peggy (c) All Rights Reserved
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