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Drive by photos

.. taken while a passenger in the car .. pulled over if driver .. all drive-by involving vehicle (no walk-by shots) © All rights reserved


" It's easy to be humble when you fall flat on your face. " - Peggy C - passenger / rear seat of a friend's vehicle - showing us around Ocala FL where they lived - lots of horse farms and I was doing my best to get shots of them all - each one had a gate fancier than the last one - at this point, my friend .. who drives with a lead foot said - "Peggy, I can slow down if you want me to " - but, I knew what his "slow down" would be - about 5mph less - lesson learned this day - 1 - do not wear a stripe shirt - 2 - the sun will reflect your camera - 3- tell him to slow down ! - kept many / dumped many pics -- this one is to remember - - for Poetography (c) All Rights Reserved

This is why ..

my camera is always with me - not my yard flowers - but, I do visit that spot often - just to see what has been planted - a lovely area outside a small church - down the road-a-piece [ as they say here ] - the Memory Bench - ah, that was seen at a very old Cemetery - there is beauty all around - (c) All Rights Reserved

Keep Out !

only vines with thorns are permitted - all others - stay out - this fence is around the Oneida Cotton Mills property - all 6.8 acres - the Winston-Salem NC company is supposed to start on re-furbishing - re-purposing the large, over 100 yr old mill - into apartments - the exterior was started last year - things halted for awhile - then, the roof over loading docks - weak from a leak already - collapsed under the weight of 9 inches of snow - there is just something about this angle - that when I look at it - there might as well be a sign 6feet high and 6feet wide- it stops me - (c) All Rights Reserved

- three

photos of Winston-Salem .. on Left is near a section called Reynolda .. part of the original Reynolda House .. built by RJ and Katherine Reynolds .. the interior is beautiful .. there are several sites on the internet if you are interested .. about this part of history of Winston-Salem, NC center .. along the same road .. enjoyed the decorated fence .. on the Right .. that is next to the road we were on .. home seems full of history .. have seen/gone past it many times before .. perhaps I'll find the road in front of home and get more shots .. that sounds like a plan .. (c) All Rights Reserved Winston-Salem North Carolina US 2014

.. for Bob

you - and you -- and the rest of y'all -- couldn't pass this -- a definite photo op at the traffic light -- it is a restaurant -- run by some fellows named -- yes, BOB ! (c) All Rights Reserved Winston-Salem North Carolina US 2014 Archive Airings AA-312-CHOICE

.. simple life

yet .. fancy frame .. by the side of the road .. yearly 'Leaf Excursion' .. for colors Mother Nature paints in the Fall .. (c) All Rights Reserved 2014

.. the road up the hill

through a small town .. ** Another Link in the Chain ** - linking perspective of one road to another ** some golden leaves .. heading out in the county .. (c) All Rights Reserved 2014

.. last leaf ?

blown by the wind - resting on top of this grating - breezy, yet sunny day - North Carolina USA 2014 (c) All Rights Reserved

- flowers of Summer

.. looked so pretty .. drove into the empty lot .. just enjoyed their beauty .. but, had to share with you .. no, nobody came out to ask what I was doing .. don't go where there are people .. flowers, yes .. animals, yes .. neither ask questions .. as a dear soul says, " It's all good" -- (c) All Rights Reserved
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