Yesterday's temperature wasn't much different than today .. rare breeze .. so, have tried to figure out why ...

Don't have a clue ! ID, please ~

Among Peggy C's albums

.. a puzzle # 1

- seen on the grounds of Oneida Loft Apartments as work continues - my first thought ..part of a steam boiler - but, since I know very little about these things - throwing it open to your opinions - have at it My Friends ! © All Rights Reserved

- puzzling

** 2 notes ** next to sidewalk, this group of Kwanso Daylilies bloom - this is how they usually appear - that couldn't have been done by a deer - a clean cut - not even a child could manage that - don't think - why not the entire bloom - tis weird - very weird - (c) All Rights Reserved

.. all I know

this fuzzy guy was visiting - never seen him before - certainly isn't a Wooly Worm - any ideas ? an ID or so - would be nice if he turned into a gorgeous butterfly ! * 1 note top center * (c) All Rights Reserved

.. a new Daylily - 'Winsome Lady'

center photo is how she opens in her glory - both sides are as the day of sunshine have started to fade her color - then rain showers aren't kind to her - leaving her closing - but, there is tomorrow - for one of her sisters to shine ! (c) All Rights Reserved ** collage done in PicMonkey **

.. day in my life

I begin bright - ready for anything coming my way .. but, as the day goes on - my energy pales .. feeling the caress of soft raindrops, I fold up for my only day .. may the beauty given to me by Mother Nature .. bring you joy .. as it has to me .. my name is: "Bonanza" by: Lily Day 2014 (c) All Rights Reserved

.. who are you ?

.. about the size of a Hummingbird .. does not fly like one, though .. small, chirpy sound .. likes the top of Dogwood tree - where the flowers were .. fast flyer ** Blue-gray Gnat catcher ** (c) All Rights Resreved - taken in central North Carolina - sunny day - The Triad area - in the neighborhood [ 2 photo notes upper Left ]

.. ? ID .. Queen Anne's Lace / ....Yarrow . .

- growing in full sun / partial shade ---- 1 note - central North Carolina ***************** believe it is Queen Anne's Lace ****************** - it must self-seed . got lots of them - wish they would hurry and open - patient ? - who, Me ? (c) All Rights Reserved cropped / watermark only -- no enhancement / Pic Monkey

.. a visitor

in the purple Japanese Iris - 1 note upper Left they don't photograph the true purple that they are - matters not what setting used - but, they are Purple ~ (c) All Rights Reserved

- who

has been tromping in my flowerbed? wasn't broken yesterday - they could at least ask - I would fix a separate place for them - hmmpf - (c) All Rights Reserved
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