Just visiting . . .

in each photo, there is a visitor of some sort .. pollinators galore enjoying False Sunflowers of yellow .. Zinnias of pink .. Cosmos of orange and yellow .. Viburnum clusters .. and Turk's-Cap Lily .. each has a reason to be here .. in the Garden of Surprises and also The Dogwood Patch - A Garden .. 2017 © All Rights Reserved

Zing ..

caught you in-flight ... no idea who / what this critter is .. but, he showed up when the photos were loaded .. a definite ZING ! you weren't expecting me in your photo .. most certainly not .. glad to have you ! ** 1 note **

weaving ...

art .. between leaves of Azaleas .. patterns in Nature .. to get a really close look .. Left click on photo -- then make it full size .. Art is all around us .. sometimes we happen to be in the right place .. at the right time to see it .. no, don't know the name of this spider .. have seen it someplace (you know when you are looking for something else) .. Thank you, R for your detective work ! Orchard Orbweaver - Leucauge venusta © All Rights Reserved

.. they call me

.. The Sweeper .. am supposed to clean the Deck Diner .. since none of the birds come with brooms .. guess it's not a bad job .. there are always things to nibble on .. in between sweeping


The Alphabet Site - T is for Toad

- new residents of the Neighborhood

- saw 2 yesterday evening - only 1 this morn - go from clover patch to clover patch - pic on left is with flash © All Rights Reserved

- the morning visitor

for 2 minutes - that is the longest one has been in the yard - have seen 2 others - a Doe - and a very large Buck - yet all have been here at separate times - we all live in an area that once was woods - so, we are really the visitors - so far only thing eaten is some grass - © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

somebody ..

is different .. all in the Garden of Surprises- 2015 .. followed the Skippers .. found the other one .. when the photos were taken off the camera .. never know who will show up out there ~ (c) All Rights Reserved

- caught !

running home with whatever he got - lives one street over - I was busy following a Carpenter Bee - didn't notice this guy - turned around - who looked more surprised ? him or me ? not a clue - but, he left in a hurry ~~ (c) All Rights Reserved
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