My mantra and my djembe....


- a Drum Circle in Plant City FL, held in a coffee shop - both the coffee shop and drum circle are closed - memories of good times © All rights reserved

Ceiling of an old hospital

.. now Espress Yourself Coffee 101 in Plant City FL [was the coffee shop .. has been closed] © All rights reserved

The floor...

in the coffee house... years ago, it was a hospital. Haven't seen any orbs here, but with the flash reflection, this is eerie! © All rights reserved

Beneath my feet...

..the arc is the edge of a glass table in the coffee shop.. the lights.. reflections of the flash.. don't know. Interesting texture on the old floor. Capture straight from the camera... Edited for size .. Espress Yourself Coffee 101, Plant City FL (the coffee shop is closed 7-05-09)

Henna hands ..

(connected to hands in previous photo Another Link in the Chain group) Letting henna hands dry so we can continue drumming for the dancers ! © All rights reserved


Our hands are different.. yet, the same...


A little bit here, a little bit there makes a beautiful design - Henna artist doing a free-form design - On the hand of my friend - © All rights reserved

Henna... free form

a graceful design © All Rights Reserved

Touch -

Henna .. --Another Link in the Chain -- from Tulips to Touch -- Designs being free-handed at Coffee101 .. A drum circle held in Plant City FL .. Local Coffee House .. Few years ago ! © All rights reserved

"With blue satin sashes .."

Wearin' of the Jingles! Dark blue hip scarf with gold coins & beads - Coffee 101 - a drum circle in Plant City, FL - this is as close to ''with blue satin sashes'' as I can find ~ A Lyrical Connection group (c) All Rights Reserved
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