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Black and White or Sepia ..

..studies or just whimsy ..black & white ..perhaps, sepia ..a fun thing ! © All rights reserved

Bench-level ...

two benches from 2010 Winter Haven, Florida in Central Park Drum circles held there Sculptures in different areas Community events And - A Florida-style mountain of snow ! Winter in Florida is something one gets used to .. 1st year, it was Carols while I was barefoot .. It seemed odd to a person from North Carolina .. Where December was snow, cold and that sort .. Loved it for the green .. If one wanted to see leaves change color .. Go hunt for a tree ! No, am not kidding .. There was one tree .. Not far from our home .. Actually changed color .. So, here is this person taking pics of that tree .. [ it's in here someplace ] * 1 PiP * Yes, got some curious looks .. But, if it is there -- take a pic ! © All Rights Reserved

- a Fave old one

The shadows of lines - or - lines of shadows .... stairs with shadow-lines .. from the wrought iron railing .. Archive Airings AA297-A Fave Old Photo - taken in 2010 © All rights reserved

Thoughts for us all ..

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain A photo shoot at the home of a friend in Florida - This friend was taking Photography classes at a local college - Lesson was in using black and white - Using a frosted background - The black lace glove with ribbon streamers was ideal - As my friend did the posed shots, I got the candid ones - © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE --

Before ..

- the sun came from behind the clouds to dry the raindrops - Miz Daff got a profile done © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE --

.. still snowing

- 06/Jan/2017 - first snowfall of the year - as of 12:16 PM/EST - 07/Jan/2017 - it is still snowing - fat flurries - sun keeps trying to show - but it won't do any good - whatever is on the ground will freeze overnight - it will be a few days before we find above freezing temperaturs - stay warm - safe - where you may be - this is the same tree ( White Ash ) - different views at different times © All Rights Reserved ** Snow has stopped; still cold and don't expect to be above freezing for a few days. For us in this area, 8 inches of snow is a lot. **

.. diamonds

- geometry of Nature - the breeze was blowing - some of the geometry is gone - just sitting on the deck - with such beauty within reach - Life can be so beautiful ** EXPLORE ** © All Rights Reserved * 1 note *

- sing

- Poetography Group - quote including the word 'sing' ''I want to sing like the birds sing . . .'' - Rumi Font: Brush-tip Texe in PicMonkey - © All Rights Reserved ** EXPLORE **

Divided . . .

Winter Storm Warnings for our county have a diagonal line drawn through the area .. Either we get lots of snow .. Or We get snow / ice .. Predicted to begin at midnight or a bit later .. But, it is coming .. Personally, will pick the snow .. Edited in PicMonkey - a photo of a laser at the TSO Concert .. November 2015 © All Rights Reserved

in the darkness ...

- Font: Brush-tip Texe - PicMonkey - full moon © All Rights Reserved Full Moon with branches over it ... North Carolina US
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