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Black and White or Sepia ..

..studies or just whimsy ..black & white ..perhaps, sepia ..a fun thing ! © All rights reserved

Surround sound egg

Created with www.dumpr.net , !

Music In The Air !

A round tambourine.. captured as it is thrown in the air... make an amazing circle and add sepia tones... this is what happened.. maybe I wasn't squinting the right way ! Created with www.dumpr.net - photo fun

Top Catt

..nap is a must after daily 'Sand Pebble Spa' ..for me, this was not comfortable, laying on concrete.... © All rights reserved

The visitor came in black...

Cubs .. B & W Day

Cubs lost...Love watching Theriot play!

a coffee shop

.. looking at the ceiling and ductwork in a refurbished building Created with www.dumpr.net - photo fun

Ii's on the wall!

..what it is... where it came from... "out ... blank.. spot" © All rights reserved

Tut. . .

Portrait . . .

in a rare still moment..
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