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Black and White or Sepia ..

..studies or just whimsy ..black & white ..perhaps, sepia ..a fun thing ! © All rights reserved

Blue Moon ...

in black and white .. Camphor tree over on left .. what the other thing is ... who knows .. thought perhaps an energy orb .. have been finding a lot lately .. still working on getting a really good shot of the moon.. it was very bright last night ! © All rights reserved

B & W Bench...

the bench was already white.. just fixed the rest for a total B & W photo.. © All Rights Reserved


fluorescent lighting.. not what I was looking for.. but, it will do for now.. ©SD All Rights Reserved

Bench in sepia ..

a place to rest.. a spot to listen to concerts.. a beautiful oasis.. with streets on all sides.. one can lose the worries.. the concerns of the day.. leave them for Mother Nature.. leave refreshed ! © All rights reserved


.. catt regeneration is an art .. at least that is what I'm told .. zzzz © All rights reserved

Film to digital...

35mm Vivitar photo.. took with Canon A630.. gentle, not serious as he seems, feline.. named.. Gregory.. he came with that name and since he was happy with it, so were we... we rescued him.. a lady brought him into the vet's office where I helped out.. wanted the vet to "put him to sleep".. the vet examined Gregory, since he seemed healthy.. "Oh, my daughter is allergic to his fur, so put him to sleep"... said the lady when the vet asked what was wrong with the cat.. Gregory came home with me that evening.. he lived in Florida, holding his own with 2 cats already in residence.. he loved to sleep on top of the refrigerator.. or make another cat move off the record player (where this was taken).. he was a head-bumper ! © All rights reserved

Benches in B & W ...

the folks living here, always have a nice yard.. not sure if these benches are recent addition or not.. very peaceful location to sit... © All rights reserved

Sepia Dragonfly...

on the azalea shrub.. next to the house.. caught motionless.. © All rights reserved

Aylah - -

.. slowly .. mysteriously .. a vision approaches .. gentle hands .. deep seeing eyes .. captivating those who see the elegance & talent of this bellydancer © All rights reserved ( Archives from Plant City, Florida )
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