. . .

Black and White or Sepia ..

..studies or just whimsy ..black & white ..perhaps, sepia ..a fun thing ! © All rights reserved

Fronds in B&W

Palm fronds .. B&W .. reaching .. spreading out .. lines, angles, textures © All rights reserved

Mockingbird has his dinner ..

atop the diner, he has selected fruit .. he soon flew away to enjoy .. ©SD All Rights Reserved

Tree-top Diner in Black & White . .

a branch for one, please . . yes, will have the fruit-of-the-day . .

Study ..

in black & white .. a gardenia, fragrance so heavenly .. midst leaves of the shrub .. ferns and others splashed with filtered sunlight .. © All rights reserved

Put one in front of the other ...

repeat ... © All rights reserved

I really CaN !

still do homework.. take a photo of your camera .. okay .. when I looked at this one, though .. I could hear my Mom loud and clear .. "do you plan on cutting that hair anytime ?" are we ever not the adult 'child' in their loving eyes ? but, Mom.. it is cold .. the hair keeps my ears warm .. it will get trimmed.. when the weather warms up a bit .. promise .. love you, too ! © All rights reserved

Homework ..

take a photo of your camera .. sounds easy enough .. ha ! took photos of camera in the mirror (several really) .. took photos of this SX20 with the A630 ... (which looked terrible) sometimes things aren't as simple as initially thought .. © All rights reserved

Leaf Illumination ...

weather is getting cooler here.. in Florida USA ... we are in for one of our weeks of Winter (we have 2 weeks in January).. last night was warm and I sat in the grass to take photos of the Blue Moon .. tonight, my bare feet were cold ! you are correct ... cold and I are not exactly friends .. that is why I live where it doesn't snow .. and I don't need a Winter coat ! of all the shots tonight, think this one with the Camphor tree leaves is my favorite.. Black & White setting ^cropped for size only © All rights reserved

Cloud covers....

the 'Blue Moon' hidden behind some clouds ... ©SD All Rights Reserved
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