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Black and White or Sepia ..

..studies or just whimsy ..black & white ..perhaps, sepia ..a fun thing ! © All rights reserved

Pelican (aka) a Snowbird ..

a friend from the North .. Canada, that is .. yearly visit from these beautiful white Pelicans .. The Alphabet Site group P = Pelican Florida Pelicans are brown .. hope to find a spot with both kinds .. did last year, but so far .. no go ... will keep on checking the good fishing places.. © All rights reserved

In Black & White ..

Day of the Dead make-up .. so I have a guide for next year .. 2012 taken: Oct 2011 UNICEF fund raiser .. Nu'riah, a Tin Can Gypzee Tribal belly dancer .. a friend of a friend suggested the B&W treatment .. © All rights reserved

Feeling inverted!

- inverted B & W Gardenia with green leaves 'Alphabet Site' -- inverted for the letter I © All rights reserved

Oh, those eyes ...

Debben Catt, NIght Supervisor, is looking deeply into your eyes .. No one can escape the depth .. Seen .. When a cat is watching .. © All rights reserved

Come back ...come back ...

soon ! Due to lens jamming on the SX 20 IS, it has been sent to Illinois for repair/replacement ... Feel like one of my fingers is missing .. sigh ... © All rights reserved

Image in B & W ...

Prayer for the Earth I pledge Mother Earth as my one country . . I pledge Humanity as my one people . . I pledge Life as my religion . . I pledge Love as my prayer . . I pledge Peace and Freedom as my birthright and the birthright of all humanity . . My heart beats one with all my Relations . . ~PeggyC © All rights reserved


Myrtle Hill Cemetery.. one of the Seven Hills of Rome, GA © All rights reserved

Hi, did you come to see me ?

decided to go snap some newer photos of the Rascal .. he was peacefully resting in a sunny spot .. perfect for a photo .. but, oops .. Rascal came up-close ... checking out the camera (that he usually ignores).. © All Rights Reserved

Mockingbird dining ..

done in Picnik, Duo-Tone process .. Create your own at www.dumpr.net © All rights reserved
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