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Black and White or Sepia ..

..studies or just whimsy ..black & white ..perhaps, sepia ..a fun thing ! © All rights reserved

.. not quite

have all the Dogwood leaves turned brown and fallen - very close, though - the first 'real' frost burned some things - out come the trimmers - (c) All Rights Reserved .. EXPLORE ..

.. imagination

framed - sepia treatment - cropped and signed - area guitarist/vocalist - in the moment - of his music - (c) All Rights Reserved ** 1 note - created in Big Huge Labs magazine option **

- oh !!!

.. what a beautiful day .. sun shining .. outside weeding .. bird concerts .. and .. it is September !!!!!!!!!!!! (c) All Rights Reserved

.. high

on top of light pole - parking lot of grocery store - think this is a Crow - but don't know for sure - looked up comparison to a Raven - guess the fact that he was a solo - confused me - most Crows I've seen usually have another with them - at least in North Carolina ~ (c) All Rights Reserved [ standing in a parking lot isn't the best spot to shoot; watching for cars with one eye & looking at the bird with the other eye - this is the best shot ]

.. part of the moon

in June - 5th day 2014 - saw no stars - (c) AllRIghtsReserved

Poppy in B & W ..

- seeing what happens when color is removed - from a bright orange Poppy - interesting textures - not sure which I like better (c) All Rights Reserved

.. thoughts

Until we as humans value each other .. value our past .. and see the need to keep the past as a guideline to the future .. neighborhood after neighborhood will fall .. all in the name of Progress .. Progress isn't always progress .. just as bigger does not always equate to better. We all can make a difference .. We must decide if we want to bother. PeggyC (c) All Rights Reserved

.. craters and all that

seen moon-watching .. cloudless sky .. sparkling stars .. and an almost full moon .. cropped/watermark/collage .. no other enhancement .. done in PicMonkey .. (c) All Rights Reserved

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within us all - imagination - creativity - rhythm - enjoy or not - we all have 24hrs a day - that which we do with them - our choice - we are all day-to-day - life is a gift to savor - may your day be that for which you hope - Namaste, Peggy (c) All Rights Reserved
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