Thoughts for us all ..

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain A photo shoot at the home of a friend in Florida - This friend was taking Photography classes at a local college - Lesson was in using black and white - Using a frosted background - The black lace glove with ribbon streamers was ideal - As my friend did the posed shots, I got the candid ones - © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE --

Night rhythms ..

Tin Can Gypzee belly dancers .. Improv @ Circle of Rhythm Drum Gathering .. They always make us drum better .. Energy level ? Not possible to be measured ! © All rights reserved

Aylah !

- in Motion - Digital Photography School - 'Weekly Photography Challenge' DPSINMOTION © All rights reserved

Light and motion ..

Aylah's skirt .. colors of pinks, blues .. in rhythm to the music of the drums .. and lights .. thanks to LPT Lighting for the ambience .. © All rights reserved

Tin Can Gypzees & Caravan Tribe ..

.. American Tribal Style Improv .. by the Tin Can Gypzees & Caravan Tribe .. solos by Aylah, MariJahne' & Nu'riah .. Tin Can Gypzee troupe routine .. choreographed dance to 'Witchy Woman' courtesy of Talisa .. spooky choreo to 'Thriller' by Elleora Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF 10.22.11 © All rights reserved

-under (her spell)

The Look .. - of Aylah - having the audience wrapped around her finger - with a solo daring you to look away - one couldn't - miss part of her dance - not possible 10.22.11 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF © All rights reserved

Aylah ..

- solo - black & red - goth - but not - under her spell 10.22.11 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF © All rights reserved

Aylah ..

Framing Flying silk .. - fan veil of a lovely dancer and friend - another friend was doing the photo shoot - I was at another angle to capture candids - a soul who is lovely inside and out - dances under the name of Aylah © All rights reserved

Purple ..

- silk moving through the evening sky - silent - Aylah in purple - advantage in being the 2nd photog ! © All rights reserved
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