Aylah -- and her veil of silk

- performing at Amar Ala Masr Showcase - sponsored by Madrin'ha Dance - 8.27.2011 - Ybor City FL - Aylah is a member of the Tin Can Gypzee dance group © All rights reserved - The Alphabet Site group -

Aylah is the music and the music is her ..

dancing to hand drums, Aylah makes the music part of her .. there is no separation .. she and the music are one .. we could drum forever for her .. there aren't enough words to describe her .. but, she has the soul of an Angel .. © All rights reserved

Photo shoot ..

framed by an Oak draped with Spanish moss.. Aylah is even more elegant .. a wonderful, soulful dancer .. a friend so dear .. and, she can drum ! Woo Hoo! © All Rights Reserved

Maybe I can fly ?

.. caught just as Aylah was walking over for her turn to pose .. she had just flipped the silk veil in the air .. there are posed shots that are really good .. but, I like this candid one a lot ! © All rights reserved

TCG Premiere....

this afternoon, at the home-theater of one of my dance sisters... the Tin Can Gypzees gathered to watch the dvd.. the Premiere of our Show... of course, we had to dig into food first.. we know what priorities are.. an assortment of dips, things to dip in them.. veggies and hummus.. cheese cubes, crackers, pepperoni.. Lime Sippers, mango nectar, tea, coffee.. ah, then sit back and enjoy the show... MariJahne' s son put the dvd together; did the editing (fantastic job).. it was so nice to sit & enjoy it all over.. especially since it was from an angle most of us had not seen.. this photo is of Aylah.. lavender skirt moving in her fan veil dance... that's why haven't done much today... priorities... © All rights reserved

Here she comes..

beautiful dancer.. talented.. great personality.. fun to be with.. knows her art ! *SOOC © All rights reserved

Sonata in purple minor..

breathtaking.. © All rights reserved

Silk fan veil flows in skilled hands...

while an orb is watching.. upper left corner... © All rights reserved


with veil fans.. © All rights reserved
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