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Florida - Skies - Sunsets

wide beaches at Anna Maria Island.. vivid sunsets on the Gulf .. photos of the Atlantic, near Melbourne FL .. sunsets anywhere/everywhere I see them .. from Florida to North Carolina .. and anywhere in-between .. just Paradise... really think it has something to do with not being as close to the equator as Florida is .. anyhow, that is my thought :) © All rights reserved

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- just came for 'The Show'

.. a Great Blue Heron landed on the roof of a coastal cottage .. in time for 'The Show' .. on Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, FL .. he remained on the roof .. until the sun set .. then, he went fishing For all who love sunsets [aka - 'The Show'] © All Rights Reserved

dreaming .. ?

- evening waves splash on his feet - just looks like he is dreaming - of food - a snack - no idea (c) All Rights Reserved Florida US

Tranquil ..

" - free from agitation of mind or spirit - - free from disturbance or turmoil " Definition from Websters Dictionary - - the City Pier is in the distance, as is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge - Sea Oats swaying in the breeze - peaceful moment (c) All Rights Reserved - crop/ watermark / frame in PicMonkey

exclamation point of the day !

- a sunset is Mother Nature's exclamation point - it is done - enjoy The Show - humans get in the way - with power lines - but, that's life - the sun drenched clouds make up for a few swaying lines .. Gandy Rumba drum circle .. we did drum the sun down ~ © All Rights Reserved

.. reflections/from bright ones to soft - Another Link in the Chain

Sunset sitting .. - a bench for enjoying - all which is above, below and in-between - reflections - textures - colors by Mother Nature - and her well known partner - the Universe - may you all have a blessed week ahead © All rights reserved

An Atlantic evening....

sitting on the balcony .. enjoying the evening & the beauty .. Layne Redmond [ hand drumming workshop ] over for the day.. go back later for a show.. but, now, some of my roomies are napping .. one is on her computer.. another went for a walk... but me ... of course, camera in hand ! ^cropped only Atlantic Ocean Memories of Melbourne 2009 Florida, USA © All Rights Reserved

Cruise ..

there are cruise ships out there... 3 notes added The Alphabet Site - C on the horizon.. couldn't get a better shot... ah, perhaps a camera with a long lens would have gotten them ! they probably left out of Port Canaveral, Florida USA Memories of Melbourne 2009 Florida, USA ^only cropped for sizing © All rights reserved

There is a difference...

between 'wanting' and 'having' .. these guys 'wanted' to go surfing early in the morning to catch a great wave .. think they would have been up so early if they 'had' to do it ? we usually do that which we 'want', before thinking about 'have'.. unlesss, of course, it involves a a paycheck.. only a few I know earn a living from that which they really 'want' to do ! ^cropped for size ^no enhancement © All rights reserved

Setting down the road...

drive to class can be so beautiful... a fiery globe ahead... falling, falling 'til we could see it no more.. there is something magical in a sunset .. ^cropped only for size ^SOOC .. taken through windshield by Aylah © All rights reserved
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