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On one of the 7 Hills of Rome ( Georgia ) - ( from Wikipedia ) The clock tower was built in 1871 under the direction of James Noble, Jr. and his family. It was originally built to hold the 250,000 gallons of water that would serve the city. 10 foot sheets of iron were used to build the frame of the tank, and red bricks surround it. The tank itself stood 63 feet tall and 26 feet wide. Atop the water tank, there is a bell and four clock faces located within a structure that stands 41 feet tall. Both the clock and bell were added in 1872, just one year after the original tower was built. The clocks were made by E. Howard Clock Company. Each face is nine feet in diameter, the hour hand is three feet, six inches long, and the minute hand is four feet, three inches long. The bell within the clock tower is made of genuine bronze and measures 40 inches wide. Engraved on the rim is the date 1872. With the addition of the clocks and bell the clock tower now stands 104 feet tall and can be seen from almost any part of downtown Rome. By the 1890s the tower could no longer support the city's water needs, and ceased to operate as a water tower. The Rome Jaycees raised over $80,000, in 1986. The money was raised in order to provide landscaping on top of Neely Hill around the clock tower. The historical clock tower is now a museum, which opened in 1995, once again with the help of the Rome Jaycees. The inside of the water tank now displays works of art by local artist Chuck Smultz. Also inside are the 107 steps spiraling around the tower to the top.

Love, Always . . .

Patsy Cline Ted Swindley's celebrated musical - Back again .. Starring Ashley Flanagan and Jane McLelland Story line- Louise (Jane McLelland) and Patsy Cline (Ashley Flanagan), became friends because of Louise's love of Patsy's music .. She would call her local radio station - daily - To have them play her favorite Patsy Cline song - When Louise found out that Patsy Cline was booked in Houston (where Louise lived), she dragged her boyfriend and her boss to the concert - As is said, the rest is history - Patsy and Louise kept in touch writing letters to each other - The title of this musical is how Patsy signed her letters to Louise - Always ...Patsy Cline And- can't leave out the band " The Bodacious Bobcat Band - Joe Bob/keyboards - Roberta Bob/pedal steel - Billy Bob/guitar - Jay Bob/bass - Bob Bob/drums - **All information taken from the Playbill - - Produced and Directed by David Anthony Wright Used with permission of David Anthony Wright - Producer/Director**

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Last night (y'all had contributed over 980 photos) - This morning 28 July 2017 - Took a look - It had just gone past 1000 - Y'all make me so proud - Thank You for taking a chance on this - And - Get a piece of cake to CELEBRATE ! Done in PicMonkey -

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- and she was right . * We also can use Ipermail to address any concerns or comments*.. Those in IMA need our backing and support. That is a job few of us would tackle. So, take a breath and consider the work being done. Thanks, Peggy C

Why ?

do you bother to put a protective filter over your lens ? This is why .. Camera strap slipped off my shoulder and camera hit the ground .. Damage ? A cracked, useless filter .. Camera .. Just fine ! So, if you don't have one over your lens ... For what are you waiting ? This could / would have been the lens IF no filter was there .. Ahhh ..

2016-03-09 12.33.21 solar eclipse

- screenshot taken from NASA site on YouTube - All Rights belong to NASA -- EXPLORE --

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certainly wish I were the person who took this photo - who created the saying - but - no, have not a clue as to who it is - all I can say - it fits me perfectly ~ shh, SAB .... * 1 note *

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colors needed to submit to a site - think I could find what I know I have ? right ! so, at the grocery store - spotted this display - done ! submitted per size requirements - not a clue if it is tasty or not - just needed the Blue .. Red .. Yellow ! © All Rights Reserved

Always ...

Patsy Cline ... Words to describe how this show - Can try - No photos due to copyright laws - But, the actress who played Patsy Cline - And sang her songs - Nailed it ! A North Carolina gal full of talent - She is a dancer - But, oh how she crafted these 27 songs - Can still hear her - Feel her presence - She was one with the music - There are many clips of Patsy Cline on YouTube - Enjoy, should you desire - Just know, my husband and I and the sold out crowd - Really - Really did enjoy ourselves ~ [ note from the Director: All shows were sold out ] I am constantly amazed at the talent in our small towns - (c) All Rights Reserved
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