- in no hurry

Little Blue Heron .. just dragging those feet .. might stir up some food-action . love his shadow in the lake, too .. great to capture a bonus ! ^ no enhancement cropped/signed/collage done in: www.picmonkey.com © All rights reserved

.. I could use a thumb ! Archive Airings - AA232

Sam is a polydactyl cat. .. he has one extra toe on both front feet. His back feet are like most cats. This was the1st time I got any photos of him; absolutely handsome fellow who lives and is training his human - A dear friend ! Sam is Big .. oh, he is ... lots of long silky fur to go along with being a purring lap blanket ! edited in: www.picmonkey.com © All rights reserved

Story of a goose . .

- found out there is going to be a cardboard - boat building - then a race here - today - Sat., 15th Sept. - so, did what any contestant - would do and applied - can you believe it? - was turned down - 'they' said I had an "unfair advantage'' - because if my cardboard craft - fell apart [ which I know it wouldn't ] - I would still be able to race - just because my feathers are waterproof - shouldn't be held against me - do you think so? - sigh - think I'll just go sit under that Palm tree over there - this doesn't seem to be a day to be around humans - sigh - oh, in case you have been wondering - my face has been left out - to protect my identity - 'they' say we all look alike - what do 'they' know ? edited in: www.picmonkey.com © All Rights Reserved

- my bench

yes, birds do stake out a bench .. standing on one leg .. watching that the human keeps her distance .. amusing .. usually, it is a Muscovy .. enjoying the day .. people watching .. this time, it is Fred .. you know him -- Fred Ibis edited in: www.picmonkey.com © All Rights Reserved

Orange ..

feet of a White Pelican .. 'F' for Feet ... The Alphabet Site Snowbird .. from Canada .. edited with iPiccy program .. ipiccy.com/editor © All rights reserved

Seasonal colors ..

- green and - orange</u -- Archive Airings - AA38-Orange-- - just a touch of purple & gold - for a Ducky Holiday ~ * cropped only © All rights reserved

Zoom !

a new visitor spotted me .. so, this is her 'portrait' for now .. don't know her name .. is black & white .. but, not Sox, who has a shorter tail .. will keep my eyes open for a better 15 min. of fame shot ! © All rights reserved

Who said I've gained too much weight? I can still see my feet !

am just fine & healthy .. ever seen a skinny, healthy goose ? of course not ! my feet are fine; so what if I have to bend over to make sure they are there ? will just have to walk in puddles from now on to check this foot thing out ! ©SD All Rights Reserved

Feet ...

- going to work - working at home - wherever your day takes you - got to depend on these - well, not exactly - but, feet to get you where you want to go - these feet belong to neighbors - with feathers - want to try to ID these feet ? © All rights reserved
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