Apple snail shells ..

Drive by photos ..

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Juvenile flight -

- soaring - checking out those huge wings - his sister was nearby in the nest - chirping at him - but didn't join him in the aerial test - saw no parents - that is all it means .. I was probably seen - wonder when they start fishing? (c) All Rights Reserved

.. there !

.. a human over on the bank .. has a black box thing .. hurry .. behind these grasses and reeds .. won't see us then .... Wood Ducks - thanks you my ipernity Friend, tapaculo99 for the ID (c)All Rights Reserved

.. quiet

place to sit .. beside lake waters .. looking for wading birds .. dragonflies .. the view is good .. (c) All Rights Reserved

-- sometimes -- "King of the Road"

what is unusual to others .. 'A Lyrical Connection - Photos Illustrating any song of your choice!' is not to us .. seeing a White Ibis strolling .. across the road is not a big deal here .. they show up in the backyard .. head to one down the street .. or ... find at an inland lake .. interesting yet goofy waterbirds .. oh, they will approach your car expecting a hand-out, too ! edited in: www.picmonkey/com (c)All Rights Reserved

Apple snail shells ..

and cloud trapping in lake waters - if this doesn't turn out right - blame Flickr people - they have ' fixed ' something - that needed no fixing - © All Rights Reserved

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on exhibit ..

sculptures in the park - almost photographed a bench - but, then the person moved - oops - not a statue ! McCall Park Plant City FL Scavenger Hunt 101 sh 82 a statue collage done in: © All Rights Reserved

Belly of the bird ..

.. fly-by showing details of the Thunderbird .. edited in .. to bring out the beautiful design .. faded out part of the dark sky © All rights reserved

"you make people want to _ _ _ _

come to Florida ..." Dianne M. - Official Reptile of the State of Florida - the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) - once hunted almost to extinction - it has become populous enough - that hunts can be held [ yes, they call it a 'harvest' ] - but, you have to have over $1,000 to participate - that should weed out some - when alligators no longer are afraid of humans - that is when they become dangerous - it is against the law to feed them - how can they tell the hand-that-feeds-them - from another human? - there are many interesting [ and scary articles on the internet ] - IF you live here, you know to respect these creatures - who have been here way before we were born - shall be here long after we are gone - if you are going to visit our State - these are wild animals - now, seriously - look at the collage above - you really want to get up close and make friends with this ? © All rights reserved [ is this better, Dianne M.? ]

- a private bench ?

AA15 -- Archive Airings: Setting Boundaries .. from this perspective, it seems to be so .. but, this bench is just outside an Assisted Living Facility .. surely don't want any of the residents to wander off .. then the staff would really be worried ! .. as it is, the residents can go out an sit in the sun .. if they want .. it does look like bars, though SOOC © All Rights Reserved
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