Good place to rest...


.. place to rest .. people watch .. enjoy a beautiful view .. a bench seats at least two people .. made of wood, stone, metal - all photos taken by Peggy C (c) All Rights Reserved

Bench and a Sunflower -

can seem quite different - depending on where it is placed .. next to where the Sunflower Mural was being painted .. 4 PiP © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

.. have a seat

I might look like I'm doing nothing, but in my head, I'm quite busy. - The Mind Journal - Park down the road - © All rights reserved

Imagination ..

- discovered this between the Arts Center and Children's Museum - yes, one can sit on those benches - feel my imagination running wild ! - how wonderful for the inner child in us all © All Rights Reserved -- There are 7 PiP --

.. the signing bench downtown

sit on this long bench with me ... add your name so I'll know you stopped by .. © All rights reserved EXPLORE

Captain White / Emma Holt White House -

One white bench on the porch -- Now an Arts Center -- built in the late 1700's -- Was built for Emma Holt and her spouse, Capt. White -- By her Father, Industrialist, Edwin Holt -- Down the street is another similar style home -- Also built by Edwin Holt -- For Elizabeth Holt and her spouse -- It has been refurbished and is a bank -- Have been told by local historians -- The 3rd home built for another daughter of Edwin Holt -- Was beyond repair -- No longer exists -- Land occupied by something-or-other (a business or gov. building) - really don't know. At one time the Holt family had a large amount of acreage in this part of the city. The Holt name is still quite prominent (i.e. David Holt - musician) - © All rights reserved

Reflections ...

- in the window - at The Lofts of Oneida Mills - seems most outdoor work is complete - painting on some areas inside still in progress - there are cars parked in front of the entrance to one area - new people moved in ? - do hope they enjoy their new home - if they saw this from the start - it should amaze them - just my opinion - Welcome Home ! © All Rights Reserved

Sit ...

- with me beside the Haw River - listen to the water gently flow over rocks - a beautiful day - to enjoy Nature all around us This photo was taken when three of us .. who met through Ipernity - traveled down the road to Saxapahaw to enjoy a day full of wonders provided by the Universe. Pam J ( UK gal ) living in a 'remote place' in Oklahoma and Micritter ( not too far down the road) in North Carolina. This was Pam's third visit (and we still didn't clobber each other) and Micritter's first -- of what I hope will be many more. Who knows ... I just might trek on down the road to him ! Guess what I'm trying to say --- I would not have met either of My Friends .. if not for Ipernity. I will always be glad we were brought together through our love of photography .. here. Namaste .. Peggy © All Rights Reserved For Andy -- this would be a nice place to virtually come back to us, Andy. .. calming, soothing - just the sounds of Nature..

.. fall bench

in Ashe County, North Carolina US - near the cabin - there is a bucket of Pond Chow - to feed the fish - our hosts did tell us the bench had seen better days - one of the ' it is on the list to do' things - makes a nice subject for a photo - like wooden fences - © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

.. solitude

.. a Memorial at a local church .. seems fitting with the old brick wall in the background .. yes, this was a few weeks ago .. that is snow on the ground .. none now .. so far It has happened in March, here, but requests to the weather have been submitted -- am enjoying the sun and warmth .. (c) All Rights Reserved
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