Good place to rest...


.. place to rest .. people watch .. enjoy a beautiful view .. a bench seats at least two people .. made of wood, stone, metal - all photos taken by Peggy C (c) All Rights Reserved

- ready

for somebody to come sit awhile - looks comfortable - camera a must-have - to people watch - come - sit with me - (c) All Rights Reserved


- a bench outside the Cinema - wait for a friend - sit and 'people watch' - always with a camera - this vintage .. old style movie house - opened in 1929 with a large balcony - to get movie times the answering machine 'always' has a very interesting Joke - oh, not only are prices low $3 or $4, but popcorn and drinks are refilled - will have to check this out (although in 1935, the Cinema burned, it has been re-built and still operates) © All Rights Reserved

beside a once stately home ..

re-purposed into a branch Bank of America .. this poor bench sits on the side of The Williamson House ... definitely needs more than a bandaid or a coat of paint .. sigh .. this home was built by E.M. Holt for his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Holt .. who married James Williamson .. a 'sister house' is just down the street .. (c) PeggyC `13

handmade ..

- strong, probably like the craftsman who made them - these benches throw bold shadows on the pavement - on a windy, sunny day in the mountains - North Carolina (c) All Rights Reserved

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Art is . .

what one sees ... isn't it wonderful that we all like different things? how boring life would be .. if we saw and thought the same .... this collage has been done to include 'The Art of The Brick' .. The Art of the Brick exhibit features New York artist Nathan Sawaya's traveling collection of over 30 awe-inspiring and thought-provoking large-scale LEGO® sculptures. .. -a red curved wonder next to the Captain White house .. -part of a garden sculpture with a guest ..and one in flight.. -and a spot to be visited many times .. -a bench, fountain and Koi .. - 2 Notes on Photo -

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leisure ..

.. water splashing into a Koi pond .. bench to sit upon admiring everything within view .. photograph for digital memories ***Assignment:"Leisure" - Digital Photography School [ DPS ] (c) All Rights Reserved -- Another Link in the Chain

.. in black and white

changing what is usually green .. into black and white .. like the feline gal taking her nap .. for: Weekly Challenge DIgital Photography School [ DPS ] © All Rights Reserved

Looking and/or Seeing ..

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” --Henry David Thoreau The object was to find a bench.. that I did. But looking back at me was someone I did not see at first. Do we see what we look at -- or Do we look at what we see -- AA261- What Do We See Or .... Archive Airings © All rights reserved

bench overlay with moss

.. down the road .. a bench in a yard .. under an Oak tree .. comfortable looking (c) All Rights Reserved
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