Good place to rest...


.. place to rest .. people watch .. enjoy a beautiful view .. a bench seats at least two people .. made of wood, stone, metal - all photos taken by Peggy C (c) All Rights Reserved

- three

photos of Winston-Salem .. on Left is near a section called Reynolda .. part of the original Reynolda House .. built by RJ and Katherine Reynolds .. the interior is beautiful .. there are several sites on the internet if you are interested .. about this part of history of Winston-Salem, NC center .. along the same road .. enjoyed the decorated fence .. on the Right .. that is next to the road we were on .. home seems full of history .. have seen/gone past it many times before .. perhaps I'll find the road in front of home and get more shots .. that sounds like a plan .. (c) All Rights Reserved Winston-Salem North Carolina US 2014

.. going back

1- the food is great 2- love the atmosphere 3- must try a milkshake 4- need an upclose meeting with this bench ~ (c) All Rights Reserved

- sit awhile

after a delicious meal - with family - enjoy Life - savor each moment - (c) All Rights Reserved 2014 Jefferson, North Carolina

Look who I saw -

down the street .. life size .. don't take much care .. look so real ! (c) All Rights Reserved

.. re-purposed

Chevy truck tailgate - one of a kind bench - probably - one day I'll venture inside - for more cool shots - management permitting, of course - (c) All Rights Reserved

- inside benches

local restaurant has at least two of these - might have been one behind me - guess they are for folks who wait until a table is ready for them - on busy days - it wasn't too busy when we enjoyed our lunch - (c) All Rights Reserved

glasses . .

choice of bottles .. comfortable bench [ tried it ] .. but, no glasses .. could sit and talk about the day .. quit trying to solve World problems .. years ago when I figured it wouldn't work anyhow .. come sit .. bring your camera .. there are many thing to see .. (c) All Rights Reserved

- have a seat

outside the library .. read the book you just got .. or take photos of your surroundings .. outdoor sculptures .. garden with a fountain .. interactive sculptures for children .. no, they can touch them and climb on them, too ! all not far from my home .. (c) All Rights Reserved

Another day ..

begins to fade .. shadows fall .. on benches .. and birdhouses .. creating patterns .. with light and darkness .. it has been a good day .. may your day have been, also, my Friends .. (c) All Rights Reserved
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