Fire ..

The Show @ Sunset

.. Mother Nature puts her mark on the Day .. sometimes with bold colors .. at other times, she uses pastels .. most photos taken in North Carolina USA .. some in Florida USA .. perhaps a few in between (c) All Rights Reserved

Softly doth it set ..

As this year winds to a close, the Winter sunset as seen from our home to across the street - gives me the feeling many of us have - we are tired - ready for a new year - which hopefully brings more joy and happiness. May y'all have a blessed New Year - one of Joy and Health. Peggy C PiP

Going down ?

.. a hot-looking setting sun on a cool day framed by the sky only minutes before was still blue with puffy clouds wonders to enjoy .. Mother Nature and her exclamation point of the day ! © All rights reserved


Mother Nature adds an exclamation point to the day - With The Show At Sunset ! Not subtle with her colors ... but have never seen a Sunset that was not ahhhh © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE--


Show Time for this Sunset - 6:31pm EST .. Six minutes is all .. From the top photo .. To the ones on the bottom .. If you blink .. Look what be missed .. Mother Nature really puts on a Show At Sunset .. Through my window gazing across the street .. My neighbors must have a fantastic view .. Especially out an upstairs window ! © All Rights Reserved

Sunset . . .

rolling clouds - over bright orange - the bright blue of The Burlington Royals ( baseball team ) colors - are at my back - a Rookie affiliate with the Kansas City Royals- they are in the Appalachian League in North Caroina - games are June through August - what a sight it would be to get the sunset and the Royal Blue in one shot - must go back another day - - 1 note - © All Rights Reserved

- contrasts

the setting sun " The Show " - vivid orange / yellow - framed by lacy branches - yet - turn around - another sight to behold - an almost full moon - March’s Full Moon is traditionally called the Full Worm Moon by the Native Americans who used the Moons to track the seasons; Colonial Americans used these names, especially those named by the local Algonquin tribes who lived in the areas from New England to Lake Superior. At the time of this spring Moon, the ground begins to soften and earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return of robins. In some regions, this is also known as the Sap Moon, as it marks the time when maple sap begins to flow and the annual tapping of maple trees begins. - Old Farmer's Almanac source - 23 March is to be the full moon - shall be a beaut - © All Rights Reserved


yesterday evening .. the sun layered in orange / yellow tones .. then, slowly set .. The Show - beautiful as always .. © All Rights Reserved ** EXPLORE **

Bittersweet sunset ..

setting on the final Open Mic Jam at Lyrics Grill .. that the photo is a bit blurry ---- fits .. we have one more get together [musicians only] .. think I'll take a box of tissues .. ** 1 note ** PiP 1 contains a collage of dear souls who gave their all .. somebody said, '' we will raise the roof '' .. we DiD .. another home shall be found .. so, have to consider this temporary .. there are too many of us .. not to join in an evening of music, friendship and sharing .. January 28, 2016 © All Rights Reserved

- on the way

to play rhythms at the After Christmas Jam - Lyrics Grill - North Carolina US - brilliant and soft sky-colors - were a great start to an evening of music - © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --
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