"Embrace Peace"

"Embrace Peace" -- This 25' bronze statue by Seward Johnson -- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Seward_Johnson_II On the front lawn of the Arts Center -- Originally named: 'Unconditional Surrender' .. [ link explains a little about the name change ] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconditional_Surrender_(sculpture) © All Rights Reserved Beyond The Frame -

All of a sudden -

- this mural was there - nothing in the newspaper about it - no idea of who ........... - the artist is [ Brian Collins has signed the lower right corner ] - drove by one day - there was nothing on this corner of a downtown building - just historic bricks no longer made - next time I drove by - yes, knock me over with a feather ! Love surprises ! ... © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE-- ---- 1 Finishing Note at bottom ----

Bench and a Sunflower -

can seem quite different - depending on where it is placed .. next to where the Sunflower Mural was being painted .. 4 PiP © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --


- this is attached to a wall downtown - sending it to My Friend - get well Peggy

Imagination ..

- discovered this between the Arts Center and Children's Museum - yes, one can sit on those benches - feel my imagination running wild ! - how wonderful for the inner child in us all © All Rights Reserved -- There are 7 PiP --

! noitanigAMI

An outdoor sculpture near the Arts Council - Children's Museum - Not far from the ' Elephant ' - Colorful - Shapes - It can be whatever you want - Imagination !

I am ..

New here - Try to stay calm as things tend to swirl about me - A nice lady with a camera asked if she could take my photo - Said hundreds, if not thousands of people all over the World would see me - She said a group shares photos - Meets people from far away - And maybe just down the street (like me) - But, the group is having some problems - It sounded way over my head - So, I just asked her to tell all those other people with cameras - Best wishes in their Project - To keep sharing - And making Friendships all over this World - They shouldn't have worries about something they love - I have 'no worries', .. uses too much time - *The Elephant* © All Rights Reserved

.. shirt off my back

some people are so nice - they would literally - give you the shirt off their back - but, there is no person here - just the shirt - the sculpture is called 'Blue Collar', by Mike Richardson - the local paper showed a young girl with her head - poking out the top of the shirt - recycled materials used for this one, also - doesn't is just make you feel good inside - when people elect to use something already around - like those of us who go to consignment / thrift stores - instead of opting for newly made items - course, that isn't always a possibility - but, we have ' discovered ' awesome - gently used items for our home - (c) All Rights Reserved

.. little bit of everything

right side, next to blue pole is a dog sculpture of re-purposed materials .. to his left, the circle / lines and part of gymnast at the top .. are for children to climb on at the Museum .. the brightly colored sculptures are also designed with children in mind .. they get to climb & swing on them - not the ''don't touch'' that usually is with a Museum .. now, the lady / Mermaid in white .. she is new .. perhaps she is near the fountain in case she needs to go for a dip ... ********* 1 note behind the white Mermaid *********** (c) All Rights Reserved
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