Daylily times three ..

down the road at the Arts Council - new Art has been added to the existing outdoor pieces - this is one I like - I am a person who likes to look at Art - and not have to stand on my head to figure it out - or heaven forbid - ask somebody 'what does this mean?' - there is some of that art [ lowercase ] - might put some of it up - not decided - there is one - absolutely not - makes no sense so won't even post it - so, this was my trip [sort of a side trip, since I had to get groceries] - makes getting groceries a better task - (c) All Rights Reserved

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Art is . .

what one sees ... isn't it wonderful that we all like different things? how boring life would be .. if we saw and thought the same .... this collage has been done to include 'The Art of The Brick' .. The Art of the Brick exhibit features New York artist Nathan Sawaya's traveling collection of over 30 awe-inspiring and thought-provoking large-scale LEGO® sculptures. .. -a red curved wonder next to the Captain White house .. -part of a garden sculpture with a guest ..and one in flight.. -and a spot to be visited many times .. -a bench, fountain and Koi .. - 2 Notes on Photo -

Sculpture ..

" Why fit in when you can stand out?" - Jerry Spinilli Arts Center Outdoor Sculpture .. 1 PiP Wings in Flight or What do you think it is ? ..EXPLORE..
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