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A Slingshot !

- by Polaris - was taking shots all around this - when the owner walked up - asked him if he minded - "no, that is fine" - he asked what I was going to do with the photos - told him I would post on Ipernity - probably on Sunday - said he will look for them - told him just search for Polaris - forgot I already had one in Ipernity - a red one in the Veteran's Parade - this was one SHARP looking ride © All Rights Reserved Thank you vert much to the gracious Gentleman who stood by while these were taken .. --EXPLORE--

.. changes

PiP is how this deck looked when we bought our home - Above is after power washing; making sure the screws were in tight and replacing one board on the railing. After it dries, a light cedar stain .. Going to have to figure out a new bird-feeding station ! © All Rights Reserved EXPLORE

Think about it ...

Be Yourself, No Matter What They Say. - Sting We have to be ourselves -- everyone else is taken ! --EXPLORE--

Once ..

- my color was a deep yellow - if picked when young, my leaves are wonderful in salads - collect my yellow blossoms and make wine - or bake cookies - one would think people would enjoy my volunteer efforts to make their yard colorful - yet, most consider me a pest - SIGH ! - am even used medicinally I AM A DANDELION .. © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

From -

-Those with the surname of Costello Cummings Baker and probably more that I don't know about ! Tis just a bit 'altered' ... Grandpa Costello would approve ~

Dutch Angle of Purple -

On a day to check our the Florida waterbirds .. See who was at what lake .. Came across this .. Yes .. Had to pull over and take a shot .. It fascinated me .. And as a Florida Friend has told me .. "You take the shot .. because.." No reason is needed .. Who knows when or what it will be needed for .. So, now it is needed .. Archives [2012] .. ARCHIVE AIRINGS AA-288 A FAVE COLOR © All Rights Reserved

You don't ..

have a purple K on your keyboard ? well, until this goes to the tech tomorrow .. have to just hope it will continue working ! the guy I talked to asked how it happenend .. "don't know-the key just popped off" .. so this is the condition the keyboard is in .. the letter K will not snap back on .. and look at all the junk in between the keys ? see how many times the letter K is used ? never would have figured that ! © All rights reserved

- a Fave old one

The shadows of lines - or - lines of shadows .... stairs with shadow-lines .. from the wrought iron railing .. Archive Airings AA297-A Fave Old Photo - taken in 2010 © All rights reserved

Games !

So much fun.. Laugh... Fun with friends .. Your sides will hurt from so much laughter.. There are several categories.. Words.. People.. Movies, etc... We usually do words.. words you probably have never heard of and never will again .. But, you have to make up a definition of the word; write it down; pass it to the person in charge (called the Dasher). You move your game piece on the board.. can't explain all of it.. would take up too much space. You have to get this ! It takes hours to finish, but you don't notice since you are having so much fun ! The definitions your friends (and you) create are hilarious! This is the box and some of the papers answers were written on (or at least what we thought were good answers !) Dinner with friends; sharing Mango Wine; green tea & dipping fruit in dark chocolate fondue... Life is good ! © All rights reserved ARCHIVE AIRINGS AA295-GAMES
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