Oh So Busy ...

Several different angles of the same Carpenter Bee .. Getting covered in Orange Cosmos pollen .. Acrobat of the Day .. 1 PiP In Dogwood Patch Garden-A Garden -- EXPLORE --


Cosmos ~ In Dogwood Patch - A Garden 1 PiP is the original tweaked/digital is Artsy for DickM aka Sir Richard of the Land of Lakes he always kids me about 'getting artsy www.ipernity.com/home/340545 --EXPLORE--

Hello ...

My name is Jane [Magnolia] .. I don't grow as large as my cousin, Southern Magnolia [who also has large white flowers] .. Living next door to the lady who took these photos .. She comes over twice a year when I bloom .. The nice neighbor who planted me calls me a 'Tulip Tree' .. What's in a name Think she enjoys it because she doesn't have to do anything .. Just enjoy the beauty her neighbor has presented her .. ** 3 PiP **

Pollen !

Tis the season for pollen and bees of all sizes. This one is as big as he seems - and loud! Getting as much pollen from the Carolina Evening Primrose .. fun to watch. ** 3 PiP ** -- EXPLORE --

.. on warm day

Left - Tawney Day Lily Right - NC Native petunias Bottom R - one of the many volunteers [Viola family] PiP in each photo .. EXPLORE ..


When one has bloomed until all energy is gone, this is what a Clematis looks like .. sort of. Of course, a bit of tweaking here and there has been done. Formerly known as : Kardynal Wyszynski * 2 PiP *

Mother Nature ..

- gave us a day full of rain and dull skies yesterday - but, today - just look at the beauty - rain [ liquid sunshine ] - a necessary thing - for a beautiful day like this 1 PiP ** EXPLORE **

Well ----

Do I have to - stop - listen - search - and get it myself ? Or Are you going to tell me where the best earthworms are? It would be appreciated.. - 1 PiP - ** EXPLORE **

Collage of Colors ..

Colors to add a bright spot to your Space in this World - 1- Tall bearded Iris [ she has been named Party Gal ] 2- Native North Carolina Petunia 3- Siberian Iris [ much shorter than the others ] 4- Tall bearded Iris NOID [ no id ] 5- A surprise ! Not seen before .. 6-Orange Poppy 7-Tall Bearded Iris / Peach Sherbet or Peach Fluff [ NOID ] May 10 - 11, 2020 In the Garden of Surprises 2020 EXPLORE
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