Peggy C

Peggy C

Posted on 01/30/2013

Photo taken on January 30, 2013

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on Allamanda
green prickly orb
dark details
buttery yellow
Yellow Walking Iris
red Bottle brush plant
Yard Walking
Florida Blue Sky!
SX 20 IS
sun and shadows
Corn Field
edited in
Canon PowerShot
it's a seed pod!

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.. differences

.. differences
in what is seen ..
each time walking the yard ..
all photos taken with ..
Canon PowerShot SX20 IS ..
hadn't realized there was so much difference in ..
this camera & the SX40 HS ..

but, top Left - Red Bottlebrush bloom ..
top Right - what we are calling the "CornField" ..
they are Yellow Walking Iris, though ..
bottom Right - beats me ! Is on an Allamanda plant ..

okay - must go find out -

it is a seed pod ..
will burst open ..
release seeds ..
and -
we will have more plants!
and, here I was blaming the birds for all the Allamandas we have ..

bottom Left - a solo flower left ..
Yellow Walking Iris ..
looked out the window, but when I got out to take some shots ..
all the others had been blown away by the wind ..
next time, the SX40 will be used ..
the flowers are small, buttery yellow ..
with dark markings ..
remind me of African Iris, sort of ..

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