pearceval's photos

  • Bad hair day

    Really wanted to go over and brush that coat :) Three more pictures in the notes. They are on flickr, but the html from there seems to work fine here :)

  • Supermoon

    Last Friday's supermoon (closest proximity to the Earth). This was taken in full daylight, but used a bit of jiggery pokery in Lightroom to add contrast and bring out the moon more.

  • Autumn Antlers

    See note on top left for a large view, and note on the right to see him from the front.

  • Squirrel recliner

    Obviously had a long hard day at work :) He was OK by the way. Rested like this for a short while, then was up and on his way :)

  • Brighton East Pier Sunset

    A very old pic taken with my old Nikon S10 point & shoot. Just been looking to see if it was ever posted to flickr, and it wasn't (probably as I'd posted several from the same session). I liked the symmetry of this one though.

  • My Golden Boy ...

    .. Oscar.

  • Going any moment ...

  • Sunny side up

    Feverfew flowers .. (my own textures)

  • Sun Gazer

    Last Friday evening in Brighton.

  • Making a Splash

    Previously posted on flickr on 13-Feb-2011

  • Raindrops on Roses

  • The Beast of Bushy

    One of my favourites from flickr .. so titled because he charged at several people. I had a near miss myself. This was earlier before I realised the danger. When you can see the gnats buzzing around his head you are really too close. This was during the…

  • Checking me out :)

  • Oxalis (Pink Shamrock)

    June 2010 .. A +4 magnifying filter on the lens was used to focus very close on these tiny flowers giving a very narrow depth of field.

  • Shadow and Light

    This was one of first uploads on flickr back in 2006. The camera was my old Nikon Coolpix E990.

  • Spring Blossom

    Taken last month. I'll probably be posting in pairs here one old from flickr and one new, as I don't want to export my whole flickr photostream :)

  • Oscar

    My cat Oscar 3 years ago and first photo taken with the 50D