Mermaids - Sereias

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I've found this photo in my archives a couple of weeks ago, taken in June-2007, when I clicked Antonia La Porta on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. we had little time to talk about the clicks, it was around 1 Am when we talked on the phone for the first time, had I not checked my emails before sleeping we wouldn't have talked and I'd have left in the morning. We met around 3 pm that Friday, headed for the beach and afterwards went to the building where I was staying, for the second part. No assistant, no produ…

Carousel of Beauties

Carousel of beauties by Paula Anddrade. I took this photo in the same day I took This one. There was an audience on the beach that day, it was pretty hot too. I love this photo! :~) ~ Visit My WEBSITE. Tirei esta foto no mesmo dia que tirei esta. Tinha um aplatéia na praia aquele dia, estava mto quente tbém. Adoro esta foto :~)