Posted on 05/26/2013

Video filmed on the April 26, 2013



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Aldoni fotojn al grupo

Kiel aldoni fotojn, filmetojn aǔ aliajn dokumentojn al grupo en ipernity?

François Collard
François Collard
One thing I don't appreciate in Esperanto is this use of diacritics: an artificial language could manage to use only ASCII characters, like English or Latin. It would have been much more simple.
As Turkish romanization, which is also artificial (1928), uses a lot of diacritics too, I suppose that the M. Kemal Atatürk (or his grammaticists) and L. Zamenhof wanted to have one character for one sound, like in Latin. This is great, but not much compatible with computer writing (nor typewriting).
If Esperanto had been invented one century later, it would have used digraphs instead of diacritics.
Many diacritics in French too, unfortunately: but this is not the same problem, as many of them are nearly arbitrary; I think that the decline of orthography and the use of small inconvenient keyboards will cause them to disappear gradually. I also think that one of the causes of the decline of ancient Greek in schools is the delirious proliferation of accents, breathings and subscript letters, which are mostly due to scholars, as stone writings are understandable without accents!
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