• Stavanger Evenings

    Please note that this is NOT an HDR image. Apart from a few color tweaks, this is how the place really looked. I was quite euphoric after taking this shot.

  • Cotton Candy

    The view we had from the docks at our cabin in Aga, Norway.

  • Yours Truly

    Just me enjoying the sun rays.

  • Not A Prayer

  • Serenity

  • Untitled

    I may have overdone post-processing a little on this one, but that's ok. No Photoshop, just Lightroom, so it's fair game, and I like it like this.

  • Old Chaps

    These two old chaps are just a glimpse of the many little birds I saw hopping around at the docks in Mandal, Norway.

  • Obligatory Band Shot

    This photo of two of my friends looks so much like a band shot, no?

  • Kohrn

    My friend Kohrn.

  • Wall

    This wall stands on a very strange playground in front of the Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger, Norway.

  • Toys In The City

    On the playground of the Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger, Norway.

  • Joy II

    My friend Miriam.

  • Underwater Overwater

    There were literally thousands of these tiny larvae in the water right at our cabin.

  • Haunted Tree II

    I don't know why, but trees and lightwriting go together, for me.

  • Simon

    Simon looked so much like a CK model in this shot (remember kids, it's all in the empty stare), I could not resist using it.

  • Richard At The Fjords

    Richard (who my darling sister created for me based on a character concept of mine) goes on a day trip in the Norwegian Fjords.

  • Across The Currents

    I love backlight photos.

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