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  • Against gravity :)

  • cin cin!

  • shadow

  • Hair play

    Special thanks to Maria Chiara who took this picture!

  • Monteriggioni

  • Just had to

    upload this one.... The "nose" is out of focus I know BUT I find it nice anyway :o) I feel like I am at school studying for the exams because I am supposed to be working on some projects but instead I am looking through some old stuff, playing aroun…

  • Milena – A Pensive Moment

    She stops to think. Reaching into her bank of life's experiences to conjure up emotions that would affect expression. She knows what I need… to make my photograph interesting. A look, a stare, a smirk. Just that perfect expression. Oh wait! This is it…

  • 130206-30

    Fisheye fuer Arme
    By df1hx

  • Mae e Mimi

    À Pelotas.
    By Brunot

  • Isabella in the garden 3

    The garden of Earthly delights comes to mind. Back by popular demand, Isabella has kindly agreed to disrobe in our garden to the delight, or was it shock of our neighbours. Their curiosity was great when they became aware of our session in the garden and…

  • Isabella's expressiveness

    As an artist/photographer I derive great pleasure from my art. For me, there is no greater pleasure than photographing a beautiful woman who has style and grace. But when that woman is a model that knows how to respond to this photographer's every need, t…

  • Isabella — Striking a pose 3

    There is an innate characteristic some models have that makes them step into a perfect pose the moment they see the photographer point his lens at them. Isabella is such a model. She takes to the command "start modelling!" like a trooper and does it bril…

  • elisa

    My friend Elisa

  • myself ...

    By GinArt

  • On her Belly

    I needed these images to be processed before I could reach this point in understanding where I am going with my art. The answer is not yet fully revealed to me, but it has to do with my own sexuality. It has to do with my age and my deepest fantasies and…

  • Burg

    Eine Burg in Kroatien A castle in Croatia

  • Sunset from Vernazza wharf

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