• No tourists!

  • Lignano Sabbiadoro * Goldstrand

    Slightly color enhanced to show the golden beach of "Golden Beach" ;-)

  • Wet

    My balcony this afternoon. We had some heavy rain from Hurricane Katrina. But at least it's not windy. Please note that this was taken and posted BEFORE Katrina hit New Orleans. I feel guilty because I was spared the hell they were going through ... Thi…

  • Pink 'n green - catchy colors!

    January 30, 2005

  • Rope

  • Metallic blue

  • This can't be good?

    I have to drive over this exit grate every single day! And at least once every single day, the maintanance guy puts the grates back in ... At least by now they (somewhat) fixed the entrance grate, which looked almost exactly like this last year. Welcome…

  • Ghost riders on the fence

    Waiting for ET?

  • Ghost Rider III

  • Going to Wal*Mart ...

    ... in style!

  • Neighborhood Watch

    Has it really been 9 days/weeks/months already? Better *watch* out - especially for copyright violators! ;-)

  • Life in Venice

  • Maldives 1977

    I was looking at old pictures and realized how fragile the world is in those regions ...

  • Pee Pee

    Or was it Tee Pee?

  • Happy 4th of July!

    ~ Archive picture for blog post ~

  • Lake City, Florida

    Another scene from our refuge city. We are still waiting to see what Wilma did to the area where we live. Most likely there is no power, but we haven't heard of any severe damage as of yet. They still have heavy winds - it's not quite over with ...

  • Meanwhile, in Lake City ...

    I swear, I didn't alter this sign! When I took this photo, we were evacuees, stranded in Lake City, Florida, waiting for hurricane Wilma to pass over our house 300 miles south from there. This sign immediately caught my eye while we were checking out our…

  • Weekend!

    Time to work on the car ...

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