• Meanwhile, in Lake City ...

    I swear, I didn't alter this sign! When I took this photo, we were evacuees, stranded in Lake City, Florida, waiting for hurricane Wilma to pass over our house 300 miles south from there. This sign immediately caught my eye while we were checking out our…

  • Schon etwas älter ...

    How long does fudge last before it spoils, any ideas? ;-)

  • Na was denn nu?

    I think they couldn't quite decide on a name for the store ...

  • Just in case ...

    Hurricane evacuation route. Directional sign found on every major intersection in Florida.

  • STOP

  • Mitten im Wald ...

    ... musste ich auf's Klo - und da sah ich dieses Schild.

  • Parteiverkehr (2)

    Ich fand das Schild irgendwie witzig ;-)

  • Come to Florida - it's just paradise!

    Anzeige eines Beerdigungsunternehmens

  • Gentle Giant

    It is thought that sailors created the myth of the mermaid after mistaking manatees for half-fish, half-human creatures. [Please note: This picture is supposed to be fun! I will not tolerate any disrespectful comments.]

  • Hungry snake

    If you look closely, you can see the snake chew on the vine ;-)

  • Burrowing Owl

    The fine print on the sign: "Birds and their nests are protected by federal and state law. Disturbance by people, pets or vehicles can be harmful to resting or nesting birds." Protected species? My butt! I took this picture in 2004. Unfortunately, even…

  • Don't entice Alligators!

    And don't throw your cameras at them either! ;-)


    Now, who in their right mind would want to molest an alligator?!

  • No Swimming!

    Unless you swim faster than an alligator ...

  • Warning!

    The world is a dangerous place, patrolled by undercover police ...

  • Bear with the bears!

    "Unlawful removal of this sign may result in injury to others!"

  • Warning sign in Elkmont

    In the fall, black bears are really active in the Smokies - but when I took this picture, we had not seen a single bear ... a year later in spring we saw lots of them!

  • Warning Signs

    Campsites closed due to bear activity

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