• Burrowing Owl

    Not to be mistaken for a late night owl ;-)

  • Burrowing Owls

    April 9, 2005 - The golden light comes from the setting sun to the left. Oops, I just noticed this is a double upload

  • Burrowing Owls

    These two live on the golf course, right in the middle between two fairways. The strange color comes from the setting sun to the left of them.

  • Hey, you!

    Could you please turn around? ;-)

  • Owl Back

    I was being ignored - sie hat mich ignoriert! ;-)

  • Much better!

    What you see here is actually the back of the owl, with the head turned 180°!

  • *YOU* again???

    When I visited my burrowing owls tonight, they seemed a bit ... strange. Sorry about the blurry picture - but I wanted to share this with you anyway ;-)

  • Burrowing owl

    Special bird, found in the area where I live in FL.

  • Burrowing Owl

    The fine print on the sign: "Birds and their nests are protected by federal and state law. Disturbance by people, pets or vehicles can be harmful to resting or nesting birds." Protected species? My butt! I took this picture in 2004. Unfortunately, even…

  • Mrs. Owl

    Look deep into my eyes ...

  • Mr. Owl

    Weight about 4 ounces, 9 inches tall - a bit blurry, but still very handsome!

  • I don't want to see you!

    Did you ever try to turn your head like this? ;-)

  • Hey, what's up?

    January 26, 2005

  • Brown pelican

    January 22, 2005

  • Brown pelican

  • Brown Pelican

  • Brown Pelican

    At the pier

  • Juvenile Ibis

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