• Airbus A 330

    Nice and comfortable. Unfortunately I couldn't use my regular airline for frequent flyer miles, because I had to fly in a hurry. But what the heck: I'm with my mom, and it feels good!

  • Sunset in Miami

    On the way to Europe, after my Dad passed away ...

  • Memories

    Pictures from my grandfather's collection, which I had never seen before, as my dad had kept them in a box in the basement, together with some old trade books and lots of military awards, some from WW I.

  • Old stuff

    Obviously, my dad was a knife collector and shared my love for sunset photography.

  • Film Cutter

    Still working

  • Romantisch

    Mit Schneehaube :-)

  • Winter wonderland

    The Rhein-Main-Donau-Kanal a few feet from here is frozen solid, no ship traffic at this time. But this little creek (the Sulz) never freezes, because it's moving too fast.

  • Colorful winter day

    Yellow, blue, red - and white, lots of white! :-)

  • Snow 'n sun

    Perfect combination!

  • Ueber den Wolken ...

    Hello from Philly airport! I'm sitting in a rocking chair, waiting for my connecting flight, with nothing to do but surf flickr, LOL! :-) (Archive picture from my flight to Germany 2 weeks ago: RSW to PHL, somewhere over GA)

  • Willow's rock!

  • Sunny Willow

  • Willows * Weiden im Herbst

  • Poor Man's Bridge ;-)

  • House Face

  • Sparkling Water

  • Achsweises Waegen

    Seems like I'm on an educational visit here. I had a hard time to understand what exactly was verboten ... ;-))) * * * Fehlen da nicht auch ein paar Kommas?

  • Verboten!

    Kind: " Mama, guck' mal. Da steht eine Woge". Mutter: "Kind, das heißt Waage!" Kind:" Darf ich mich mal wagen?" Mutter:"Das heißt: wiegen, aber Du darfst..." Kind: "Guck' mal. Ich habe mich gewiegt." Mutter: "Das heißt aber gewogen". Kind: " Oh, da ist n…

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