• Full Circle

    Der Kreis schliesst sich ... (Blog-Eintrag)

  • Man vs Nature

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

  • Indian Chief

    I wonder what he's thinking?

  • Watch out for ....

    Alligators - in Tennessee?!

  • Restricted Image!

    In F***r wuerde das bestimmt sofort als nicht jugendfrei eingestuft! ;-) Und ja, es IST potthaesslich! Oder wuerdet ihr euch sowas in den Vorgarten stellen???

  • Fallen Hero

    On the way to Cataract Falls - for Mary Anne, who, on a happy day, used to dance on top of him like a fairy, while I was scared stupid. Obviously, she already know since long that she has wings! ;-)

  • Rainbow Trout

    ... in the making. Can you see the fish? It's about the same size as the insect on top of the water! * * * Koennt ihr den Fisch sehen? Er ist nicht viel groesser als der Wasserlaeufer!

  • A bad day in the park

    ... is better than a good day at work! We couldn't sit at our favorite place, because it was already taken by someone else. So this had to do. I was too lazy to get up for pictures ;-)

  • A good day in the creek


  • Summer Fun

    Floating tubes in Townsend

  • Some Kids Can Fly!

    Ich habe die Luft angehalten, aber beide Kinder sind von dort oben in's Wasser gesprungen, ohne sich zu verletzen ...

  • Townsend Wye

    Baden im eiskalten Wasser - die einzig wahre Art, diese Hitze zu ueberstehen!

  • Old Railroad Bridge

    Alte Eisenbahnbruecke - Tremont, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

  • Dry Creek

    Trockenes Bachbett

  • Middle Prong Trailhead

    The water level is extremely low this year. You can see the difference in Doug's video. The middle is just a trickle this year. Picture taken from the old railroad bridge.

  • Lynn Camp Prong

    Thank you for the name, Doug!

  • Life is good!

    Another day, different socks ;-) Today we were in Tremont again. This time, our favorite place was free, YEAH! Short movie here: www.ipernity.com/doc/pandarine/350997

  • Butterflies & Waterfalls

    Another fine day in the park: This is one of our favorite places for lunch, in Tremont, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. And here you can actually see the many butterflies I am trying my macros on. I stilll have to work on my movie skills, though ;-)…

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