• Fried green tomatoes

    A real southern tradition. I also made cornbread and salsa ranch dressing - they were delicious! Recipe: Cut green tomatoes in thick slices (about one half inch), dip in cornmeal, add pepper and salt, fry them in vegetable oil for about 3 minutes on each…

  • Air Dolomiti Snack

    Not bad for a flight that only lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes! They even served aperitivs and wine for free, and in real glasses! Compared to American based airlines, on Air Dolomiti I always feel like a first class passenger.

  • Lunch

    Standard question: Chicken or pasta? Tough choice indeed! ;-))) USAir, MUC to PHL

  • Snack

    Happy Nikolaustag! ;-) When I see all these goodies St. Nikolaus put in the boots today, I'm reminded of the meals they serve during flights nowadays. USAir, MUC to PHL

  • Breakfast

    USAir, PHL to MUC

  • Dinner

    Chicken or pasta? Hard to tell ;-) USAir, PHL to MUC

  • Air Dolomiti cookies

    Served on the one hour afternoon flight from Venice to Munich.They were hard as rocks and looked like something you probably wouldn't want to eat - but they were surprisingly tasty!

  • Delicious Air Dolomiti snack

    Served (free of charge!) on a one hour flight from Munich to Venice. What a difference to the USAir cardboard box!

  • Save $5 ...

    USAir sandwich, served for dinner on a 10 hour flight from Munich to Philadelphia

  • Bon appetit?

    Airplane food is not what it used to be anymore. This cardboard box was the (free) main meal on a nine hour flight with USAir from Philadelphia to Munich. On the 3 hour flight from Florida to Pennsylvania you could buy a sandwich for $5 if you wanted some…

  • Air Dolomiti

    In April of 2004 I flew from Munich, Germany to Venice, Italy. The airline was first class, even with a regular tourist ticket. I've never felt so pampered on an airplane! * * * Die Fluggesellschaft ist erstklassig. Ich habe mich noch nie auf einem…

  • They're coming to get you!

    You'd better believe it! ;-)))

  • I had no choice ...

    He was delicious dough! ;-) (*Wortspielerei)

  • Leftovers

    Just as good as they were yesterday! Bitte bedient euch! :-)

  • Cool!

    Guess what's for dinner tonight? ;-)

  • Ameisen in Schokolade

    Yummie - lecker! :-))) But they are quite expensive, that's why there are only 2 or 3 in a bag ...

  • Lemons

    Just before they were turned into lemonade ...

  • Smile! :-)

    Those were ruby red grapefruit from my own back yard. They tasted delicious!

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