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  • A fine vine

    Nature's art - Tarzan would have loved it! ;-)

  • Eingekreist

    Jakes Creek Trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

  • Definitely *not* a squircle

    By now you all should know what a squircle is - that's why I have removed the link ;-)

  • X marks the spot

    Unrelated to the picture: Sad Sunday here in SW Florida. 7 different wildfires suddenly started to burn yesterday afternoon, 4 in Lehigh Acres and 3 in North Fort Myers. There were mandatory evacuations last night, as neighbors helped each other to dose…

  • X

    Im Nationalpark waren wir neulich uebrigens auch mal wieder :-)

  • X

    Dieses Haus hatte sich damit ganz von alleine disqualifiziert. Wir suchen weiter ...

  • The house in the red light district

    ... framed by beautiful trees - nice neighborhood I live in! ;-)

  • X X X X X X

  • Salt Crystals

    Salzlampe ~ from the archive, just because I like it ;-)

  • STOP

  • Beilngrieser Giebel (3)


    ¡sɐp ɥɔıɯ ʇɹǝıuızɐɟ ǝıʍpuǝbɹı

  • Happy 4th of July!

    ~ Archive picture for blog post ~

  • Empty seats

    Patriot Park, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

  • All lined up

    Happy 4th of July! Good luck Germany and Italy in the FIFA Worldcup Semifinals! Whoever wins today, it's gonna be *my* team! ;-)

  • Priceless!

    Pace / Peace / Frieden

  • Colored Lights

    Archivierter Makro-Auschuss, nur damit hier mal wieder was Neues zu sehen ist ;-)

  • Lots of Sunshine

    It was a GREAT party!

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