• Blurry Black Bear

    Well, what can you do, when you focus on a bird in the tree, and all of a sudden this big black head pops up right in front of you ... SURPRISE! I sure hope this picture doesn't get any group invites or awards! ;-))) -> Blog

  • Objects in Mirror

    ... are closer than they appear! Black Bear (1/12)

  • Large Teddy Bear

    Yes, he was THAT close! And no, the Panasonic is not very good at low light pictures. This (and the following bear pictures) was taken shortly after sunset, when we were leaving Clingmans Dome. Here you have a good size comparison. We think this was a t…

  • Smile, you're on Candid Camera! :-)

    Black Bear (4/12)

  • Look at those Claws!

    I would *not* want to get in close contact with them! Black Bear (3/12)

  • Disappointment

    Well, the people in the blue car obeyed the rules and didn't feed him. They drove off after taking a couple of pictures, and he's thinking about what to do next ... Black Bear (5/12), photo taken through the windshield of the car, just in case ;-)

  • Next car, please!

    He's wondering if they will be foolish enough to give him a treat - and because he was interested in the other car for a while, I could roll the window back down to take pictures ;-) Black Bear (6/12)

  • Look, Mom, a BEAR!!!

    Can I touch him, PLEASE??? Black Bear (7/12)

  • Will pose for food ...

    Usually, the bears are shy and will not sit in the road like this. This bear actually posed - a sure sign that some illiterate idiot had fed him before! Unfortunately "a fed bear is a dead bear", and he will most likely be destroyed, as he poses a risk…

  • Hungry Black Bear

    Luckily those people in the car had enough sense NOT to feed him, and after they took lots of pictures, they left. At one time, the bear got really angry, made a hissing sound and moved towards the car, very quickly. The people still had the windows ope…

  • Waiting ...

    ... for more cars. Black Bear (9/12)

  • That was the moment ...

    ... when I rolled the window up for good - I guess you can tell my excitement by the bad picture quality. Black Bear (11/12) * * * In dem Moment hab ich dann wirklich das Fenster ganz schnell hochgerollt! Wahrscheinlich sieht man meine Aufregung ganz gu…

  • Wanderer

    Finally, after he decided that we probably wouldn't feed him either, he turned around and slowly went up the road, headed directly to the still very crowded parking lot at Clingmans Dome just around the corner. We watched him until he disappeared, and th…

  • Bear Damage

    Remember the black bear we saw on Clingmans Dome last month, and the ranger with the flashing lights, who raced up the mountain as we were leaving? Well, after he walked right into to the parking lot, the bear showed his affection for a Toyota! Of cour…

  • Damaged Bear

    This one was hit by a car, unfortunately

  • Bear Claws

    I like to eat Bear Claws as a pastry, but I would not want to come in close contact with the real thing: Look at those nails - preferably in the large size! ;-) (Contrast slightly enhanced, to show more detail)

  • Bear Territory!

    See the claw marks on the left post?

  • Bear with the bears!

    "Unlawful removal of this sign may result in injury to others!"

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