• Hillbilly's pride & joy

    That truck must have helped lots of people move lots of stuff! ;-)

  • Going to Wal*Mart ...

    ... in style!

  • When Hillbillies go shopping ...

    ... they do it BIG!

  • Giant shopping cart

    Oldie but goodie ;-)

  • On the road again ...

    Out in the country, visiting relatives

  • Grand Fall Rod Run

    Gesehen auf der Herbst-Autoshow 2006

  • Some like it BIG!

    Happy Fall, y'all! :-)

  • American owned refrigerators

    Only $19.99? Cool - I always wanted one of those! ;-)

  • Summer Fun

    Floating tubes in Townsend

  • Restricted Image!

    In F***r wuerde das bestimmt sofort als nicht jugendfrei eingestuft! ;-) Und ja, es IST potthaesslich! Oder wuerdet ihr euch sowas in den Vorgarten stellen???

  • Watch out for ....

    Alligators - in Tennessee?!

  • Indian Chief

    I wonder what he's thinking?

  • My Home is my Castle

    Fuer Rainer ;-)

  • Unberuehrte Natur

    ... und was daraus werden kann, wenn jeder eine "unverbaubare Aussicht auf die Berge" haben will: Starr Crest Resort. More information (for buyers) here, and a review here.

  • What in the world ...?

    Last year, there were just trees and unspoiled nature ...

  • Human Beehives?


  • Bates Motel?

    I wonder how the showers look in there? ;-)

  • Limo For Sale

    $6,900 - soll ich, oder soll ich nicht? ;-)

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