Posted on 08/12/2007

Photo taken on August 29, 2005

1/8 f/2.8 6.3 mm ISO 159


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So, how was *YOUR* day?

So, how was *YOUR* day?
A harddrive crash was the last thing I needed right now - but heck, my day could have been a lot worse!

This was the first thing I saw this morning, just after I had finished a short mail and wanted to look at the newest hurricane update. I called the manufacturer's toll free number (the comp. is less than 3 month old!) and was told I had to call a regular number, because I bought the machine from a retailer. Well, I didn't have time today, so I went to the store to print some pictures which luckily I already had prepared yesterday.

There was a long line at the store and only one person working. It took me about an hour to get what I needed, and on the way back I stopped at the bank. I found out they had messed up an automatic payment, I could not set that up again in time to get where it was needed, nobody could tell me how long it would take for everything to be set up correct, and maybe the payment would be made twice. Ok, it's only my money, so who cares ...

So I went back home and started to pack my hubby's suitcase. As he has grown quite a bit over the last months, he needed another size jeans for a trip up north (down here he's wearing shorts all the time). I was convinced the brandnew jeans in the closet had the right size - not so! For some reason all three pairs were a size too small, and we had to drive to the next town to exchange them. So we went to the mall to find out that one pair had been discontinued and they couldn't give us credit for that.

After talking to the manager they took the jeans back after all. We took a beating on that one pair, and she told the cashier several times to make sure and "throw them in the trash", but I was glad we found 3 pairs that fit and could drive back home. For some reason my clock was wrong, and instead of driving over the toll bridge at the cheaper time, we missed it by one minute and payed double the toll. Not a big deal, but still ...

Back home I sorted the travel stuff and looked for a medium size suitcase, which was nowhere to be found. Suddenly I remembered that we had sold some of our suitcases before we moved last year, and now all we have left are 3 carry-ons, a flimsy duffelbag, and one huge overseas suitcase, but nothing for a short trip. Bummer.

I still didn't have time to call the computer manufacturer, because first I have to worry about the flight being cancelled and trivial stuff like that. I most likely lost some e-mails I hadn't answered yet (sorry Eberhard, Melanie, Winni, Heidi and whoever didn't get an answer from me lately), some pictures of my granddog Frodo, some other photos I had just received yesterday, and some more satellite images I wanted to upload today. But it could be a lot worse: I could be sitting in the superdome in New Orleans right now, worrying about the peeling roof of the shelter, and what would be left of my property after the storm was finally gone ...

My heart goes out to everybody effected by hurricane Katrina - if I think about them, I come to the conclusion that I had a really great day after all!