Posted on 07/16/2007

Photo taken on July 15, 2007

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hurricane dennis
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Hurricane Dennis

Hurricane Dennis
Saturday's satellite image from the National Hurricane Center (source)

For those of you who cannot imagine how a hurricane works: The wind turns counter clockwise around the well defined eye of the storm. That's why we were getting heavy rain before the storm was even close to us. Because of that whirl, the wind came from the east and southeast, eventho the storm was west of us. And that's also the reason why we still get heavy rains a day later. Also, we still have to fear the storm surge, as the lower part of the hurricane now pushes the water on shore in our area. If this coincides with hight tide, the water combines with the amount of water from the rain, and we will have some flooding, even after the actual storm is long gone. The eye of Dennis only moves about 14 miles per hour.

But all that is nothing, compared to what the people on the northern Gulf coast have to go thru now. My heart goes out to them ...