Posted on 07/24/2007

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Reinforcements arrived

Reinforcements arrived
Nothing wrong with my other HP laptop really, except that after 4 years it was just getting old and indeed growing wiser, but not faster.

The first greatest uppercut it had was last year when Civilization IV came out. It was still able to do the job, but by sacrificing a great deal of graphics and memory, basically that would be the only program running and it would sound like a 747 reaching its take-off speed.

Then other punches continued appearing earlier this year, like not even letting me take a peek into Second Life, the monitor suddenly blacking out and also having me continuously adding and deleting programs due to the 40GB of hard disk.

So I just repeated the same process I did 4 years ago: burning a hole in my pocket and investing for the next 3 or 4 years.

I do a lot of gaming, so getting a Mac is out of the question. Same goes for Linux, except that now I am left with a spare computer so I will resurrect the old one with Ubuntu or some other Linux sweetness.

Then of course lately the internet comes with a lot of good video stuff so I upgraded to a 17 inch WUXGA monitor (just pure awesomeness) and of course all the important little chips, bells and whistles.

Now this one is an American, not a Japanese Dell. The reason is simple: they're more expensive over here.
Had I bought the same thing in a Japanese brick and mortar store it would've been +$800 USD more than the price in America, AND more important, Japanese and Chinese characters burn much more memory in OS because there are more files needed to load.

And then well, I have lived in Austin and I like that city so DELL it is.

And then why Vista?
I'll be the devil's advocate here. I kinda like Mr. Gates, simply because of all the dough he's been throwing around for charity, same goes for Mr. Warren Buffett, both #1 and #2 richest people on the planet according to Forbes.

A great lesson that my fellow Mexican Mr. Carlos Slim could learn.
He is world's #3

Ridiculously rich and still keeping prices on telephone calls, internet and other companies he owns in Mexico way more than double the prices people pay in countries like Japan.

Shame on you Carlos Slim!