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  • Eugene sunset

    Sunset over Eugene, Oregon. The extra colorful nature is due to ash from the Kasatochi volcano in Alaska that erupted 2008-Aug-7. This photo was shot a week later on Aug 15,

  • Downstream from Watson Falls

    Downstream from Watson Falls in Oregon.

  • Oregon Coast

    At many locations along the Oregon coast, I've seen no one else for miles in either direction. Especially in sparsely populated southern Oregon. So by Oregon standards, this constitutes a crowded beach. View from cliffs at Devil's Punchbowl.

  • Choices, choices...

    Should I go straight towards Mount Hood? Left to Canada? Or right to Mexico? How many hours of daylight remain? I chose to head towards Mexico. Bizarrely, after walking about 1/4th of a mile towards Mexico, there was another one of these signs, and despi…

  • Tufted Puffin

    Tufted Puffin in an aviary at the Newport Aquarium on the Oregon coast.

  • Hang Glider

    Top of hang glider with Wallowa Mountains in background.

  • Jawbone Flats

    Old truck in Jawbone Flats. Along the Opal Creek trail in Oregon.

  • Mount Timpanogos

    Mount Timpanogos in Utah, with some early autumn colors.

  • Three Sisters

    The Three Sisters volcanoes as seen from Iron Mountain in central Oregon.

  • Crazy Kayaker

    Evan Garcia is the kayaker going down Sahalie Falls. This is part of the McKenzie River in Oregon.

  • Cape Kiwanda

    Sand dune at Cape Kiwanda in town of Pacific City, Oregon.

  • Maryhill Stonehenge

    Portion of a concrete Stonehenge replica in Maryhill, Washington

  • Clay in Blue Basin

    The oddly colored clay that forms from the erosion of greenish volcanic deposits in the Blue Basin in central Oregon. For scale, the photo is about 2 feet wide.

  • Salt Creek Falls

    Salt Creek Falls in Oregon.

  • Eugene Sunset

    Clouds basking in sunset light over Eugene, Oregon.

  • South Sister

    South Sister (volcano) with one of the Green Lakes in foreground, in central Oregon.

  • Crocodile

    Crocodile at the Portland Zoo.

  • Wallowas

    Wallowas and farm land in northeast Oregon as seen from Mount Howard.

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