• Cenarth Falls

  • Vortex? [Flickr Explored]

    Took this shot through the round holes in the bridge structure at Cenarth, but it looks almost planetary!

  • Downstream

    Looking downstream on the Teifi from Cenarth bridge showing 'Flat Rock'

  • Sheep's Pool

    This spot on the Teifi, immediately downstream the bridge, was known as Sheep's Pool, Before the advent of sheep dip, from the sloping rock in the foreground, the flock was driven into the river and herded across by coracle men. This river-wash would rid…

  • The sky fell in the river [Flickr Explored]

    Fishing for Sewin (Sea Trout) downstream of Cenarth Bridge. Don't know if they caught any ;-)

  • Cenarth falls and mill

    There has been a Mill at Cenarth at least since the 13th century when Cenarth Mill came into the possession of Edward I when he became Lord of the Manor of Cenarth.

  • Bridge over the Teifi at Cenarth

  • Bridge over the River Teifi at Cenarth

    Built in 1787 and designed by William Edwards and his son David, the bridge features a series of circular holes that serve to maintain strength while reducing the weight of the structure

  • Cenarth Falls

  • Cenarth church