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By Stan Askew

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local resident - the Kahala Hotel

Kahala Beach - Oahu - Hawaii

By Gertraude

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Kolbenente ?

By Schussentäler

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Blutroter Schnellkäfer - Ampedus sanguineus


By Annalia S.

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in the wind trap

There is a spot, in the backyard of my workplace, where a whirlwind tends to trap bits of paper and other windborne trash. The other morning, however, these feathery seeds had fallen in the wind trap and formed a beautifully textured mound of fluff. PIP added: I added a PIP to show the b/w version, which, even with enhancements, looks drab and uninteresting in comparison to the color version. This surprised me and all I can figure is that the contrast between the warm furry seed heads and the cool white of their feathery tails adds an interesting element, which is missing in the monochrome.

By Jeff Farley

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Painted Lady on Verbena.

In my garden. Best on black. Have a great day and week to come.

By Nirak

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David and Goliath

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By Boro

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Mouche ton nez et dis bonjour à la dame !

« Ah ! si seulement avec une goutte de poésie ou d'amour nous pouvions apaiser la haine du monde ! » Pablo Neruda


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Piéride sur pâquerette toucheZ

By Françoise Delestrade

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Martre en forêt du Temple

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